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Community  Garden

In 2016 VOHRC  ran a Community Garden program that was sponsored by TD Bank and operated out of McVean Farm (Farm Start)  From the earth to the table was the theme for the community garden program which was a great success for both seniors and youth.

Our community garden provided participants with large amounts of vegetables that promoted great health benefits. The gardening activities for both youth and seniors was very relaxing, helped reduce stress and provided easy access to healthy local food.

Relationship between youth and seniors were strengthened and new friendships were formed resulting in an increased pride for their community There was a cost savings to the participant's budget, improved nutrition along with a wonderful hands on learning experience for all involved.

This year VOHRC goal is to expand the Community Garden program by creating a Vegetable Pop-up Market allowing community members to have access to affordable healthy food choices. Our long-term goal is to provide fresh produce (seed to table) to residents with a cost savings to people's budget and improved nutrition. 


Savvy Cyber Seniors ​


Registrations Now Open. All seniors interested in learning to use computers and gadgets should sign up.

Starting: May 2018. Phone 905–454-6490

Volunteers Needed


We have existing opportunities for anyone looking for volunteer experience.

Please go to the volunteer page for further information.


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